Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Health is wealth

I believe most of you would agree with me. What's the use of having the big mansion, 10 luxurious cars, 7-figure bank accounts when you're dying of deceases? You're no where close to enjoy them if your health is deteriorated ! Healthy living means healthy lifestyle and diet and I would say that healthy diet begins everyday in the morning in your breakfast.

What do you have for breakfast?

Like most of the people, you have either a simple carbohydrate ‘meal’ such as toast, cereal, nasi lemak, roti canai, or you skip breakfast entirely (usually leading to mid-morning snacking).

Both of these approaches lead to rapid increases in blood sugar and insulin, carbohydrate cravings (snacking) and a drop in energy.

Carbohydrate-based breakfast…

In the morning, simple carbohydrates (sugary refined cereals, white bread, toast etc) cause an immediate surge in blood sugar, which results in a substantial release of insulin from our pancreas.

The insulin removes most of the sugar from our blood, turning any excess into fat. The result is a decreased level of blood sugar, and thirst for more carbohydrates. This cycle repeats itself 2-3 more times during the day.

This vicious cycle constitutes one of the major reasons for diabetes, high blood pressure and extra weight.

Skipping breakfast…

When we skip breakfast, blood sugar drops below the normal level , leading to cravings and a drop in energy.

You again revert to simple carbohydrates (bread,biscuit,rice and sometimes junk food!) to achieve a quick surge of blood sugar and to overcome hunger and a drop of energy. Simple carbohydrates will cause a immediate surge of blood sugar level and a substantial insulin emission. The insulin removes sugar from blood turning it excess into fat. Then this cycle repeats itself 2-3 more times during the day.

This vicious cycle constitutes one of the major reasons for diabetes, high blood pressure and extra weight.

Balanced healthy breakfast

Such a breakfast supplies our body with all vital nutrients and energy without increasing blood sugar and insulin levels. It helps to avoid dependence on carbohydrates during the day. In this way, appetite stays under control, craving for carbohydrates (snacks, chocolate, pastry, junk, soft drinks, etc) diminish and the body uses its own stored fats to get more energy.

A healthy breakfast …

A balanced healthy breakfast should do three things:

  • Rehydrate the body, to replace the fluids lost during sleep.
  • Provide the body with energy.
  • Provide the body with all vital nutrients while helping to maintain a normal blood sugar level.
  • Overview

    A healthy meal with up to 19 essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients in five delicious flavors that can help support weight management.

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  • A healthy meal for balanced nutrition
  • Manage weight, gain better health
  • Get 9g of protein and healthy fiber
  • Nourish your body with Cellular Nutrition

Fast Facts

  • 9 grams of healthy soy protein in each serving.
  • Includes the antioxidant vitamins C and E.
  • Contains Aminogen®†, plus bromelain and papain, to support protein digestion.
  • Create your own shake recipes by adding fresh fruit.
  • Diets low in saturated fat and cholesterol that include 25 grams of soy protein may reduce the risk of heart disease.
  • Available in five delicious flavors: French Vanilla, Dutch Chocolate, French Vanilla, Cappuccino and Tropical Fruit.


Formula 1 shakes include soy protein, fiber and essential nutrients that can help support metabolism, cellular growth repair and production.


Blend or stir 25g (2 heaping tablespoons) of Formula 1 with 8 fl. oz. of nonfat milk or soy milk. Best results when it's mixed with F3 Protein Powder. Create recipes by adding fresh fruit and ice.

550g -RM 158


A fat-free protein supplement for hunger control and healthy weight management with 5g of soy and whey protein, and all 9 essential amino acids.

Key Benefits

  • Satisfy and control hunger
  • Support adequate protein intake with low-fat protein
  • Build and maintain lean muscle mass

Fast Facts

  • Helps maintain safe and recommended protein intake.
  • Contains approximately 5 grams of protein per level tablespoon.
  • Includes soy protein, which contains isoflavones that can help maintain healthy cholesterol.
  • Contains whey protein, rich in cystine and methionine, which are vital to muscle development.
  • Has no fat, sugar, carbohydrates, yeast, cholesterol, salt, lactose, sweeteners or artificial colors.
  • Mixes in any beverage, hot or cold.


The body needs protein to maintain lean muscle mass and control hunger. But how best to get enough protein without the unwanted fats and calories? Personal Protein Powder combines soy and whey to help satisfy your hunger and customize your protein intake.


Take 1 to 4 servings daily. This plain, unsweetened formula can be added to your Formula 1 Shake or stirred into shakes, sauces, soups and more.




Delicious instant tea with the antioxidant and thermogenic benefits of green tea and fast-acting botanicals for energy and weight-management support.

Key Benefits

  • Get an energy boost
  • Enjoy the benefits of green tea
  • Manage your weight
  • Low in calories and carbohydrates

Fast Facts

  • An exhilarating beverage blended from five, fast-acting natural botanicals.
  • Each serving is calorie free.
  • Perfectly delicious hot or cold.
  • Complements your ShapeWorks™ Weight-Management Program.
  • Herbal Concentrate Tea Mix is available in 100g or 50g sizes.


A refreshing tea hot or cold, Herbalife Tea Mix (Herbal Concentrate) helps you stay energized while you manage your weight. A great alternative to soda or coffee.


Mix 1 / 2 teaspoon (more or less as desired) of Herbal Tea Concentrate with 6 to 8 fl. oz. hot or cold water and enjoy. It comes with original and peach flavour.


50g- RM125


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

God Cares How Much You Give by Rev. Kong Hee

So He called His disciples to Himself and said to them, “Assuredly, I say to you that thispoor widow has put in more than all those who have given to the treasury; for they all put in out oftheir abundance, but she out of her poverty put in all that she had, her whole livelihood.”Mark 12:43-44

One time when Jesus walked into the temple, He watched how the people put their money into the offering. He saw how many who were rich put in much. But what moved Jesus deeply was the attitude of a poor widow. Jesus said that the poor widow who sacrificed her two mites was the most generous giver of all, because her gift was large in proportion to her available money supply. Jesus was moved by her giving.

Money is a spiritual subject. God cares how much or how often you give into His house - your church. Otherwise, He wouldn’t have included so many instructions in the Bible concerning the methods, the time and the proper attitudes for giving.
He instructs on the specific day of giving: “On the first day of the week let each one of you lay something aside, storing up as he may prosper” (1 Cor. 16:2). He cares about the quantity of your giving: “He who sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and he who sows bountifully will also reap bountifully” (2 Cor. 9:6).

Most of all, He cares about the quality of your giving. When the rich “tipped” God out of their abundance, it didn’t move Jesus at all. But when the poor widow”“put in all that she had, her whole livelihood,” it touched the Lord greatly.

Most of us are afraid to talk about money. But more than 20 percent of the Holy Scriptures deal with money, wealth, finances, property, land, possessions, tithes and giving. The Bible is clear that “the blessing of the LORD makes one rich, and He adds no sorrow with it” (Prov. 10:22). David says, “Let the LORD be magnifi ed, who has pleasure in the prosperity of His servant” (Ps. 35:27). If you read Deuteronomy 26:1-12, you will see that God says tithing and giving offerings are specific worship services before Him.

Money is also an effective tool to help bring the gospel to the lost throughout the world. When you put your money to good use according to biblical principles, it becomes a sacred thing.
Your money is your life. Every month when you are paid, the salary you receive is your employer’s way of reimbursing you for the part of your life that you have spent in service to him. As a saint of God, when you give part of your holy life to your employer, the money he gives you in return is holy money. Money is a spiritual matter. Be a good and faithful steward in managing it.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Simply contradicting

It's now coming to the end of 2008... 21st century... where we can pay bills via internet, with current technology, it has brought the mankind to the highest level of convenience they can be...a mansion built up of 20,000 square feet, a car with 500HP worth of millions, hotel in Dubai that costs RM 50,000 a night yet on the dark side of the mankind, there can still be people with no roof over their heads, no cloth wrapping their bodies and no food comforting their stomach.

Last night I was invited by my friend to help him in "street ministry" where we brought food to the beggars found along the corridors, road side and bus station around Penang island. We found those beggars aged from young kid, middle-aged and up to old people, consisted of both genders and varied races of Malaysia. Some of them prefer to beg than to work despite of their ability, one of them prefers to bag with his young child than to send him to welfare department. Whatever it is, it stirred up my feelings of compassion for them.

Along the most happening areas in Penang where people park their shiny luxurious vehicles along the road, dancing like there's no tomorrow in the clubs, drinking beers and having fun in the bars and lounge, we found all those homeless people sleeping along the corridors. Such a contradiction isn't it? Didn't the authority do something? Yes they did, by capturing all these people and sent them to the welfare department. Some of the beggars who came out of it told us they prefer to beg on the street as they 'earn' more and have more freedom. One of them told us, "does the authority really care about us ? Do they really know what we want ? All we need is just a pair of ears listening to our sorrows and heartaches."

So next time, when you want to complain about the taste of a food, think about they have NOTHING to eat, that your house is too small, they have NOWHERE to stay, that you don't have new clothes to wear for party or dinner, they don't have A PIECE of cloth to wear. Be grateful, be thankful, there always are people who are much unfortunate than we are.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Something to share...

I have been having this desire in my heart that I wanted to share to the world what God has done in my life. Finally I decided to pen down this ‘adventure’ after listening to Ps. Robert’s sermon pertaining to Christ witnessing. For those who are aware of my experience, please bear with me ^^


Here goes:

I was diagnosed with this illness called ankylosing spondylitis and here are the links to its definition, symptoms, causes etc.


Due to this illness, I was suffering greatly in pain because of the immobility and stiffness of major joints such as joints in the lower & upper back, ankle, both shoulders and hips. It hurts every single second and it hurts even more when I tried to move. They severely affected my daily activities such as getting up and down from the bed, passing motion, getting on and off a vehicle, climbing stairs, picking up objects from the floor, wearing socks etc. Hence, I could not have a good rest at night when the pain was attacking me second by second and minute by minute even though what I did was just lying straight on the bed.


I had been to endless medical treatments, therapies and the effort was in vain. From government hospitals in Penang and KL, Chinese traditional doctor in Johor and up to specialist in BeijingChina could not help me much in my suffering. Not to mention about the number of people giving advice that they think could help.  


Experiencing every second of pain, I cried out to God- why is this happening to me? When I’m in the peak of my life to get a career and enjoy life, You stuffed me up with this illness and all I can do is seriously hoping my life to be taken away, away from this suffering. This is what I did every night. I cried out to Him, exactly like what Job did, “Why don’t you just take me away???, Why you brought me out of my mother’s womb in the 1st place???”


Yet, God is merciful and though He seemed silent throughout my hardship, His blessings still could be seen. Here are some of the pictures of the darkest days of my life:

                           Still could soar high with AirAsia^^

   Thinnest ever in my life- 43KG. Don't be jealous ladies ^^

 In spite of my disability, I still could travel to Pangkor island to stay in the forest for 4 days and did some stunts such as jungle trekking, abseiling, night-walking and canoeing. Don’t ask me how I did it; I just knew I was heavily protected by the angels of God!

Despite my disability, I scored the highest CGPA of 3.83/4.00 in my 4 years of studies in my education course!


Despite my disability, God did not give up on me but to continue using me to fetch others without transport and serving in the church. Imagine I did all these when I had to use a walking stick wherever I went. Hard to believe? God is magnificent and indescribable.


After suffering for some time, God finally sent His people to aid me. I gave up on following a treatment last year thinking there would be no way for me to fork out RM 49,000 to undergo the treatment. One day I received a call from a drugs agent asking me about my current condition and whether I still want to undergo the treatment since financial aid can be applied. Sensing strongly she’s a child of God, I agreed. I was really amazed of God’s wonder when she told me she decided to reopen my case when she realized there was no follow-up action done. Months after that, I had my 1st treatment in HUKM with God’s mercy. The treatment works tremendously well in my body despite the mentioned side effects and I started to walk, run and jump! It has been a year now since my 1st treatment and I’ve completed a course of it. Whether to continue for another year, I have no idea at all and I’m not worried at all. Since God has brought me to this, He will bring me through it. v(^.^)v 

Philippians 4:13
I can do everything through him who gives me strength.

Friday, August 15, 2008


When I thought my life has reached the climax and at its best, God just brought it to a whole new level. God can make 1 million and 1 things to happen to make your life interesting, take my word for it.

There was an attempted break-in in my backyard last night between 2.30a.m. and 3a.m. I heard the dog of my neighbour started barking but couldn't care more as it stopped after a while. With a heavy head and fatigue body, I forced myself to plunge into my pillows. Suddenly, something fishy was immediately sensed when I saw the glare of a torchlight shone into my room ! I thought I was still in my dream until the second time occurred ! Swiftly I got up from my bed and grabbed my spec ! Upon realizing waking the person in the room, he got out of the hole of the fence and silently went off.

With my heart pounding hard, I rang 999 and the cops arrived within minutes. After doing some slight investigations, they went off. Though nothing was lost, nobody was hurt, it was traumatized enough for me as this was my first experience and I was all alone at home!

So, my dear friends, please be very very cautious and alert at all times that don't ever let your guard down no matter in this area, relationship with your spouse or your loving Father.

Some pictures to share:

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hey all

Greetings all,
Sorry for keeping this blog dead as I didn't have time to update it following a series of events such as termination of internet connection, trips and holidays. To keep y'all updated, I'm doing real good and still adapting myself to this brand new learning environment in UM. I did have slight cultural shock when I got in here as the lecturers are definitely different from what we had in teacher's training college. Lecturers here with the title of Professor/associate prof/Dr. are always busy, busy and busy that you really don't have sufficient time to talk to them personally but only to approach them through the Internet. Yup, everything is done online here including the submission of courseworks, comments, blogging, video clips, resources, everything ! This is quite hard for me till now as we haven't got our internet connection fixed. Hope this will be history as soon as I get a call from the person in-charged. Alright, think that's all for now and I will do some updates on the trip to Gold Coast as soon as I have the time and internet connection. Take care everyone !